CH01R: a choir using AI sounds. More information

All eyes on you: a sculpture about privacy. More information

Stories never to forget: a special bookcase to remember a jewish community. More information

Personal square: a temporary sculpture to start talking about space during the Covid-19 pandemic. More information

What are we celebrating?: an exhibition about the meaning of Islamic and Christian holidays. More information:

Connecting the Continents: a blowup from a data cable that moves through the dataport of the Netherlands. Meer informatie

Mobile Printing Museum: a mobile museum for GRID. More information.

Keykeepers: a game to teach children about the cultural heritage in their neighbourhood. More information

Thuis: a monument for the Jewish community of Groningen during WWII. More information

H2-clock: a limited edition give-away about H2 for a Dutch port authority. More information

Benched: a bench with 1,5 mtr distance between seating places. To keep distance during the Covid-19 period. More information

Loyal: a sculpture of a dog with a 26 mtr long tongue. More information

Paul&Albert are Dutch designers without a particular focus. We use art and design to initiate ideas for ourselves and our clients.